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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daybreakers in theatres on Jan 8th

Daybreakers is a sci-fi vampire film written and directed by Peter and Michael Spierig. The film stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill.

It's 2017, and the undead far outnumber the living in this horror film starring Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke (TRAINING DAY). A virus has spread across the earth, turning its inhabitants into vampires. With their blood supply dwindling, the vampires must find a way to sustain their source of food. However, a covert group of vampires makes a remarkable discovery, one which has the power to save the human race.
I think Finally after the releases of tens of vampire movies, a movie comes out with a fresh, nice, unique and terrifying idea! all this comes after the way Vampires have been described in the latest movies such as Twilight, and Circu Du Freak. This movie is a fresh start for the old Vampire Idea and yes it is worth watching!
the trailer

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