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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Halloween II DVD is out in stores next week

Halloween II is a sequel to Halloween, Zombie’s violent and vicious remake of the classic 1970s John Carpenter slasher flick of the same name. In this movie, they pick up where the last movie ended. This movie shows the way laurie deals with the aftermath of the events that happened with her last year. Dr. Loomis publishes a book about what happened, and Michael keeps trying to connect with his sister Laurie.. I cant tell you more because it will ruin the movie so you will just have to watch it!
top critics said about this movie, some said it was bad and some said it was good, so i will share some of them with you and the decision is yours!
James Berardinelli says "This one represents Rob Zombie's "vision." That being the case, he's blind."
Kyle Smith from New York Post says "[Halloween II] offers up a rush of fiercely imagined nightmare images."
David Edelstein from New York Magazine says "Zombie isn’t a storyteller, he’s a wallower. And because his movies take place in a culture of violence and sadism, there’s nothing for Michael Myers to do except echo what’s already there and slaughter weaker sadists."
Joe Neumaier from New York Daily News says "Zombie walks the walk, you can't deny it. And he's found the medium where he can let his freak flag fly highest."
here is the trailer as always!

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