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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

loss of tear drop diamond in theatres

THE LOSS OF A TEARDROP DIAMOND is a new drama based on a recently rediscovered original screenplay by legendary writer Tennessee Williams. Starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Evans.
A young and rebellious socialite Fisher Willow, tainted by a family scandal, boldly hires farm hand Jimmy Dobyne to be her escort for the elaborate party season. As her passion for Jimmy grows, Fisher defies social convention and the burden of history to risk everything for a chance at real love... until the loss of a priceless diamond sets off a series of accusations and betrayals that threaten to shatter their hopes for the future. With his indelible characters and breathtaking Southern backdrops, Williams paints a heartbreaking tale of seduction and loss.
Since I am not a huge fan of most of the movies like this one, I am not sure whether I will like this one or not. This movie seems to be one of those romance complicated movies that involve love and betrayal, and at the end a great get together. On the other hand, seeing the gorgeous actress Bryce Dallas Howard makes that movie a must see by me, after all having observed the way she acted in movies such as "The Village", "Lady in the Water", and "Spider Man 3", makes me want to see more and more of what that talented actress has. This movie has been released in LA and NY already but did not get a very nice reception.
The trailer for the movie

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