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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Top 30 favorite Horror Movies!

In this post I will just state my top 30 horror movies and the next 30 days, I will be giving a brief review about one of them, As for who is going to review, that remains to be a secret! you will just have to keep checking to see who the Famous reviewer is! I am sure that you will be surprised!

30) 1408

29) Hellraiser

28) Child Play

27) The Exorcism of Emily Rose

26) I've Been Waiting for You

25) Friday the 13th

24) Nightmare on Elm Street

23) I know What You Did Last Summer

22) Scream

21) Drag Me To Hell

20) Paranormal Activity

19) The Fly

18) Shaun of the Dead

17) The Ring

16) Saw

15) The Silence of the Lambs

14) Sweeny Todd

13) The Shining

12) 28 Days Later

11) REC

10) Dead Silence

9) Se7en

8) Stephen King's It

7) The Excorcist

6) The Thing

5) The Crazies

4) Misery

3) Pet Cemetary

2) Candy Man

1) The Mist

0) Twilight! oh shit I thought I was talking about the lamest movies of the century! my bad


  1. I know I did not include many great horror movies, but after all what taste could you expect from a non horror writer? thats the best lest I could come up with

  2. Interesting list, to say the least. To each their own, yes?

  3. indeed, I am sure that many won't agree and most will say that I got the movies in the wrong order which is the first thin Rhonny said when i talked to her about the list, but I did what i thought was right i guess.

  4. If you did what you thought was right, good for you. It's your opinion. :)