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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Up in the Air a review

Directed by Jason Reitman.
Main Actors George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick.

Every day, Ryan Bingham gets up, showers and dresses, leaves his anonymous hotel room and goes to some office park where he does the job he’s hired to do: firing people.
It’s all done in short, well chosen sentences. Regret to inform you. "Right-sizing." Look at this as an opportunity. Can I have your keycard? Please look over this information packet. Thank you for your time.
And then, after he’s fired all those people whose own bosses are too spineless to do it, he goes back to his hotel room, packs his carry-on and flies off to the next town.
If you ever wonder how the hell he sleeps at night, here is the answer! it starts with rarely alone! he does not even think of whom he fired, what they did, or why
In this time with the crisis lots of people are losing their jobs and this makes Ryan one of the most hated people in the US! however, the awesome director Jason and the fabulous actor George make Ryan a hero indeed! A completely new story, never been discussed or even thought of by anyone else unlike lots of romance comedy that have been going out to theaters lately. this movie will make you hate George then fall in love with him before you know it! you must see it to appreciate the effort that George has put.

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