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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Countdown continues: a Review for Child's Play by Rhonny Reaper

Young Andy Barclay sees a commercial for a 'Good Guy' doll on TV, and asks his mother for one for his birthday. At work, Andy's mom and her friend discover a peddler selling one for a low price, and she buys it. What she doesn't know is that the particular doll contains the spirit of Charles Lee Ray, aka 'The Lakeshore Strangler', who died at the hands of police the night before and had transferred his spirit to the doll by voodoo. That night, Andy's babysitter is pushed from their 5th-floor window to her death, and only young Andy knows that 'Chucky' - the doll - is responsible for that a death and a series of murders that follow. Worse than that, the soul of Charles Lee Ray is trying to get out of the doll's body - and take over Andy's...
Child's play is the film that scared the hell out of everyone who ever had a doll in their house. The main character, Chucky, is the most memorable evil doll and one of the icons of horror. The film was a masterpiece of it's time. It's was a whole new take on the slasher films, which were so popular at the time, and a whole new take on the genre as a whole. It took something that everyone thought was so innocent and pure and turned it into a vision so fucked up that it made us throw out every last cabbage-fucking-patch doll our kids might have ever played with. And it did it with style. While the franchise may have taken a turn for the humorous and campy, the original Child's play was terrifying, horrific, and straight up scary. It has stood the test of time and became a staple of every horror collection for this very reason. When you hear the name Chucky, you don't think of your friend, cousin, or uncle...you think of a doll with red hair and homicidal tendencies. Child's Play is, simply put, one of the best.


  1. It did give a name to the horror that Cabbage Patch dolls inspired. Those things freaked me out!
    Before that, the best evil doll I can think of was the ventriloquist's dummy from the original Twilight Zone who begins to possess the ventriloquist. By the end the dummy is clearly in control.

  2. Great review!! This film introduced one of the most original horror icons we have seen and made me never look at My Buddy the same way again.

  3. Truly an outstanding movie, the best of what I've seen of the series. It's such a freaky concept.