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Sunday, April 4, 2010

the Countdown continues a Review for Nightmare on Elm Street by Kelsey Zukowski

The countdown Continues its long Journey, this Time it stops for a while to pick a rose from a garden called Kelsey Zukowski. I was Blessed to know that the talented Writer Kelsey has given me the privilege of posting an awesome review for the Movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Kelsy is a very talented Writer she writes for 3 websites that I know which are,
for this awesome Review I would like to thank her Kindly! so on behalf of me and Flaming readers we would like to thank you Kelsey! here is the review

Nancy (Legancamp) begins having horrible dreams one night. A burned man with knives for finger nails is out for her blood. These nightmares seem so real as do the marks that they leave behind. The only solution seems to be avoiding sleep and knowing how to fight when she falls under. Anytime she drifts off she is in a world where she no longer has control, she is merely a victim. After her friend, Tina (Wyss), is murdered just upstairs, Nancy begins to fear these nightmares even more. Perhaps they can be fatal. The suspect for the crime is Tina's boyfriend, Rod Lane (Garcia). He was the only one in the room with her when she was killed, but he insists that he is innocent. Nancy wants to believe him and is persuaded further when he tells her that there was someone else in the room. Rod tells Nancy about nightmares he has been having. He has been having nightmares just like the others of a man in a red and green sweater with finger knives bolted to his hands like “fingerknives”. Nancy realizes that this is the same man that has been haunting her. He might have been responsible for Tina’s death as well.

Upon hearing her theory ever one thinks she is crazy including her boyfriend, Glenn (Depp). Nancy finds more out about this man. His name is Fred Krueger, he was a child murderer. When he was released despite his crimes, the parents in the neighborhood took matters in to their own hands and burned him alive. Now he is out for revenge and the unlucky kids of Elm street are his target. Nancy realizes that her only hope for saving her friends and her own life is if taking Freddy out of her dream and out of his element. If he no longer has control he might not be so powerful in the world of reality. Nancy just has to make sure she’s ready for him. Otherwise, Nancy will be his next victim.

Wes Craven is the master of horror and A Nightmare on Elm Street is his masterpiece. Dreams have always been a safety net. No matter how horrifying something might seem, it's only a dream. Craven questions this role and takes away the safety net. The victims have no control of their dreams, they are rendered helpless in a completely different conscious world that isn’t supposed to have any reality to it. Freddy’s marks show them that what happens to them in the dream world will follow them back to the real world. Freddy is the one that is in control. There is a very strong psychological aspect that helps escalate the movie from just another slasher to something much more powerful. Fear is primarily shown through the mind and dreams are the immediate connection that opens that portal. It just so happens that the torment of the mind and the physicality of fear are one in the same.
Of course though we can’t forget what really makes A Nightmare on Elm Street stand out from other horror movies, a completely sadistic and frightening villain, Freddy Krueger. There’s something very creepy about the silent killers like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees as the audience can only guess at what’s behind the mask; the true mentality of a monster. Still, Freddy is far more in your face than Jason and Michael. His supernatural abilities delivered through the dream world gives him speed and time on his side making it impossible for his victims to get away. As he has knives for fingers he has weapons attached to his body ready to strike at any time. Plus he is often battling his victims in the dream world in which he is the master. Of course his language and sense of humor sets him apart from the rest. The way Freddy cracks jokes in relation to death and the power he possesses makes him seem even more crazy and out of his mind. He has very dark humor, which makes him seem psychotic and out of control. Someone like that is even more dangerous and frightening because you never know what is going to happen next.

Of course, A Nightmare on Elm Street has some of the most memorable death scenes throughout the slasher genre, both brutal and twisted. Perhaps the best Freddy death of all time is a young Johnny Depp’s death as Glenn. He gets sucked in to his bed only for all of his guts and bloody remains to shoot up in the air and splatter across the ceiling, dripping down throughout the house for his parent’s to bare witness. Another notable kill scene is the first kill of film, Tina’s death. Her body is moving spastically all over the room. At times we see Freddy and what he is doing to her and at other times we only see what everyone else is seeing: the body being attacked, but no attacker in sight. This already paints a picture of things that being what they seem and Freddy being able to attack in secret even with witnesses watching. The fear is put in place, but the source is still unknown. All of Tina’s friends stand there watching her suffer and listening to her shrill, desperate screams. No one, not even her boyfriend, can do anything about this. Blood is smeared all over the room; Freddy has now made his mark and will be back for more blood.

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  1. I start to read this review and it looks nice, but in fact i am not into horror movies at all so i didn't finish it, sorry man !!

    but at general this blog is so organized and the poster is wonderful, wish u luck and keep moving forward.