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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Top 30 Horror list! Friday the 13th Review done by Patty!

Hello again and welcome to the Flaming Sneakers! this Time this review is done by the talented Blogger Patty the author of the blog SSS Patty is one of the people who helped me the most and helped get the world out about the reviews so on behalf of me and the fans of Flaming I would like to thank you kindly! here is the review, hope that you all enjoy it

Friday the 13th is a film that focuses on Camp Crystal Lake. This
place has had bad things happen to in the past, and so has a bad
reputation. Despite this a man decides to reopen the camp and
counselors arrive to help get the camp ready for campers.
Unfortunately for them a killer is around and one by one they fall
prey to this killer, until one counselor is left and she discovers who
the killer is and has to fight them to the death.

Friday the 13th is an awesome film. Filmed 30 years ago it still
maintains popularity, and with good reason. There are many reasons
this movie is so good. Some are it has well done kills, it has a great
atmosphere to it, it is well acted, and after so many years still is

Of special note is the ending. I won't give it all away for any of you
who have not seen it, but it is really good and the last scare of the
film may have jumping out of your seat.

For anybody interested in a film that helped define the slash
sub-genre that is excellent and watchable again and again, I highly
recommend Friday the 13th. You may not want to watch it alone.

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